Name:  Glenn Williams Photography



Art Expressions of San Joaquin

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Name:  Abhilasha Natarajan





Abhilasha Natarajan began working with glass 14 years ago and has created bodies of work in fused glass jewelry, imagery in tiles, wall panels and functional pieces such as plates, bowls and most recently sushi sets. Her artistic voice expresses itself most strongly, but not exclusively, in the glass medium.  In these, she explores her personal evolution in work that uses imagery from mythology and symbols.  She is particularly drawn to the myth of Medusa and has created numerous versions of the gorgon, experimenting with Bullseye glass in various casting and fusing techniques.


Abhilasha has established a burgeoning glass community in Tracy, CA.  She is the primary glass instructor at The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts since its opening in 2007.  She is active in theart community and welcomes and invites other artists to be guest instructors. Many of her students have gone on to become emerging glass artists

the Tracy community.


She has studied in Ireland with Karl Harron and in the U.S. with Jonathan Turner and Catharine Newell, Patty Gray and Teddie Hathaway. She has also worked alonside Ellen Abbott, Estelle Dean, Jerre Davidson, Natali Rodrigues at a residency in New York. She continues to be involved with the larger Bullseye Glass community.


Abhilasha is currently serving her seventh consecutive term as the President of the Tracy Art League. She is actively involved in giving children’s tours for local art exhibits. Abhilasha has exhibited her works in local and surrounding area juried exhibits for the last 10 years.

Name:  Arnold Eilers, photographer




Born in Oakland, California, Arnold Eilers majored in photography at City College of San Francisco.  He worked in biomedical media at UCSF Medical Center and later for Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry.  He and his wife, Catherine, learned to love Stockton while spending time with his three children during their education at University of the Pacific, so they moved here in 2005 and he founded his own business, Camera Science, creating all types of photography and videography.

Name:  Arturo Vera, photographer





Arturo Vera has spent nearly 40 years mastering the art of professional photography.  Having first experienced the thrill of painting with light while in the United State Navy as a sailor in the West Pacific, he later put himself through school at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California.  Since those days, Mr. Vera has received a number of prestigious awards such as the coveted “Photographic Technical Excellence,” dubbed the “Silver Cindy” from the Information Film Producers of America as well as the 1985 Best in the West Fest award from the Multi Image Category.  He has been named “Artist in Residence” by the Stockton is Magnificent initiative.


After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Mr. Vera embarked upon his career with the motto, “I’ll never look

at light as an obstacle, but rather as a beautiful challenge.”



After situating himself as a fine arts photographer and visual artist in the mid-1980’s, Arturo entered the wedding photography business and by 1989 founded Carousel Limousine.  With his company, he and his wife Ana took the wedding business by storm:  offering wedding photography, videography, professional invitations, makeup and limousine service.


In 1999, Arturo travelled to a remote region of Mexico and made contact with the indigenous peoples who live in the shadow of the Sierra Madre mountain range.  This tribe, known as the Tarahumara, later became part of his exhibition “Tarahumara – Indigenous People of Chihuahua, Mexico and The Rituals

and Beliefs of the Easter Celebration.”  This well received exhibition was featured at galleries in San Jose, Oakland, Mountain View and San Francisco.


Mr. Vera is retired from the wedding business but is now engrossed in multiple projects.  Since relocating to Stockton in 2001, he has also compiled a considerable portfolio.  The majority of the images that comprise this vast portfolio document Stockton and the surrounding beauties we all sometimes take

for granted.  Many of these images have been featured in well attended exhibitions such as “Fog in Stockton,”  “Murals in Stockton,” and “Floral and Photosynthesis – A Light Reaction.”


In 2007, Mr. Vera was invited to exhibit his work in Tracy, California for an exhibition called “The Making of an Artist” as part of the inaugural exhibition of the Grand Theater Center for the Arts.  Mr. Vera’s works have also graced the covers of many magazines in the Bay Area and in San Joaquin County.  Moreover, his photographs have shown at numerous locations throughout the years but mainly in the city of Stockton, which he feels very passionate about.


Arturo was a member of the Tidewater Galley until it closed.  After which, he took it upon himself to ensure that art in Stockton continued and is the founder

of Art Expressions of San Joaquin, a non-profit co-op of 40+ artisans interested in advancing the artistic profile of our community.  Some of these artists have a long history with Arturo as colleagues at the now dissolved Tidewater Gallery and Art Center.


Arturo says that what excites him about a scene before he makes an image is the lighting, the texture, the color intensities and the energy coming from it.  Composing the picture comes naturally for him as it needs to please his eye and his insatiable hunger for art IN photography.  Once he has those elements, he is spiritually in tune with them to make images.  He is always interested in space in time that others don’t seem to value or notice.


“I’m simply telling a story the way I see it.”

Name:         Carlos Pérez





Artist Statement:

The mixed media painting that emerges into Carlos Perez’s canvases come from a visceral place.  His artistic process is an elated ritual that brings to the surface stories of his life experiences. His images are influenced by artists of the Mexican, Chicano and Indigenous art movements, such as:  Rufino Tamayo, Rupert Garcia and

Edgar Heap of Birds. The stories tell of an indigenous spiritual heritage.  They are textural, colorful and symbolic.  His artworks possess an innate force of passion that speaks to us in an expressive and spontaneous way.


Artist Influences:

“One must have a spiritual dialogue, be a conduit to mother earth and make offerings each time you enter the Creative Spirit.”   -Hock E Aye VI Edgar Heap of Birds, (Cheyenne/Arapaho) is an artist, write, educator, curator

and tribal leader.


“To the Nahuas, words were flowers, metaphors that gave birth to thoughts, creative dreams of the spirits in action.”  -Jose Antonio Burciaga, Chicano artist, poet and writer who explored issues of Chicano identity in American society


“Art is one of the most constructive forms of education.  Through creative endeavors and artistic production, a sense of appreciation and calmness is developed and, in consequence, sound judgment and a fine spirit of cooperation follow.”  -Chiura Obata, Japanese-American artist; a self-described “roughneck”


Poem Influence:  I would like to dedicate this to those that are occupied with the present, but do understand that the construction of a better future involves the knowledge of our past.  These are my roots; my history.


Name:     David Gibson




My experience with art started in 8th grade elementary school woodshop.   My first spice rack gave me a certain kind of satisfaction I couldn’t get anywhere else.  It was on from then until present day. I didn’t really catch on to painting on canvas, I’m more of a 3-D kind of guy.  Presently I’m working with distressed metal, acrylic metallic

paint, high gloss flood coat epoxies, illuminated with Light Emitting diodes.  But I venture into different mediums

on a whim to see if I like it’s effect.  I’ve got some new pieces that are completely different from my usual work.

I’m kind of nervous putting them out there to be seen but I’m going to show them very, very soon. Any feedback good or bad would be extremely appreciated.

Name:          Dawn Baja





I was born and raised in Southbury, a small town in the southwest corner of Connecticut.  I went on to study at Western Connecticut State University, studying secondary education with an emphasis in Spanish before

journeying to Madrid to master my love of Spanish.  I called Spain my home for six years;  travelling extensively throughout Europe and northern Africa: taking in cultures, their food and art.


My family lives along the California Delta, with miles of waterways that dissect rich agricultural farmland and vineyards.  The vantage point from our home showcases Mount Diablo.  Our surroundings have influenced  and inspired what I paint.


I am fortunate to have several passions in my life:  family, traveling, fitness and art.  Each one gives me inspiration for the other.  Together, they are who I am.  For me, expressing myself on canvas is an emotional experience and allows me to communicate in ways that words simply cannot.  I love that the same painting can have a different meaning for each individual.


I’m praying that what God has put in my heart becomes work that stirs the soul.

Name:  Deval Thaker





Since my childhood, I have always had an inclination towards art – whether it be music, dance or painting.  As I grew older, I tried all types of art: ceramics, stained glass, paintings – on different types of media.  In India, I worked as a freelance stained glass painter and ceramics artist and received many commissions for a wide array of projects.


After moving to California, I focused by hand more towards oils on canvas and discovered my true passion and calling.  Meeting my current mentor, Victoria (Vickie) Wescott, opened the door of a new world and limitless possibilities.  I specialize in oils on canvas.  My works are varied:  landscapes, seascapes

and cityscapes as well as flowers, animals and figurative impressionism.  I consider Palette Knife Impressionism to be my strongest suit.

Name:  E. Michael Pearl, wire artist



An artist and cowboy since childhood, following in the footsteps of Roy, Hopalong, the Lone Ranger, Lash LaRue and Michelangelo.  A modern day Hephaestus.


An ex-contractor, ex-radioman, ex-real estate salesman, ex-taiko drummer, ex-modern dancer, ex-truck driver, ex-antique repairman, ex-muleman and present performing poet.  Born in Atlantic City as a war baby in 1945 and raised in the wilds of Maryland.  He followed Horace Greeley’s admonition to “Go West Young Man” and ended up in the great state of California, after serving his country in the United States Coast Guard as a radioman on ships from the Bering Straits to the Antarctic.


Claiming a home in the art world since his country high school days, he adopted sculpture as his love.  Working through wood and ceramics then graduation to the illusive art of three dimensional line drawing with wire.  He now brings you what he sees, as he reveals himself in wire.

Name:  Elizabeth Parrish, photographer




Professional Experience – Photographer, 2009 to present

I have won numerous awards using digitally enhanced photography ranging from architecture, flowers, and

portraits to still life.  My work has been shown at the Stockton Art League, the Lodi Community Art Center,

the Mistlin Art Gallery, Woodbridge Winery, Delicato Winery, San Joaquin County Fair, Lodi Grape Festival, Lodi Public Library, and in 2014 at the Lodi Open Studio Tour venue.  From December 2014 to March 2015 I had my

first Solo show at the Tracy Grand Theatre Center for the Arts.  Currently, my most recent work is often on display there as well.



San Francisco State University – Bachelor’s Degree in English and Secondary Education Teaching Credential



National League of American Pen Women – Arts and Letters

Stockton Camera Club, Lodi Community Art Center, Stockton Art League, Art Expressions of San Joaquin

Name:  Em McLaren



Em McLaren was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in the Bay Area.  She completed a Bachelor of

Arts in both Art and Psychology at San Jose State University.  She obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work

from Fresno State University in 1973.  She worked in the mental health field for over 30 years.

She often used Art and Sand Tray Therapy in her work.


After retiring in 2003, she took up photography and is self-taught.  She enjoys learning new techniques working

with digital computer programs to create unique images for photos and cards.  She is a member of both the Manteca and Stockton Camera Clubs and serves on the Manteca Mayor’s Art Committee.  In 2006, she was selected by the Committee as Artist of the Year.  She has won numerous awards for her photography including Best of Division at the San Joaquin County Fair.  In 2014, she won Best of Show in the Delicato Photography Contest.


She has used her photography to help those who needed it.  She has done weddings and was the official photographer for St. Joseph Hospital’s “We Can Cancer Camp” in 2008.  She also did a photo journal of what it was like going through radiation treatment at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockton.  The hospital made it into a book and uses it for patients.


Her philosophy is “there is always a picture to be found within 20 feet of any direction one looks.”  She is able to see many magical worlds looking through the lens of a camera.  Her love of photography has opened a world of enjoyment and beauty which she delights in sharing with others.  Lately, Em has expanded into the world of making folk art boxes with various themes.

Name:  Henry Paine




Influenced greatly by the works of Edward Weston, Brett Weston and Ansel Adams, I have been pursuing my passion for black and white photography for more than 40 years.  For most of those years, I worked with film in large format view cameras exclusively and made silver gelatin prints in my own darkroom.  In 2009, I started experimenting with a digital SLR camera and an Epson printer to see if I could produce prints that looked as good as I had been making with the labor intensive darkroom methods.  In my opinion, the results with the Epson printer are as good, if not better, than those that I produced in the darkroom.  My current camera is a Canon digital single lens reflex.  My finished photographs now are digital prints (even those that started as field negatives).  They are processed to archival standards, using carbon-based pigment inks, and are mounted on acid-free mat board.

Name:       Jill Hedrick Harster Lipka




Originally from California, I am a visual artist with a focus in sculpture who recently moved to Lodi after living in Alaska for almost 20 years.


While in Alaska, I worked for museums on Kodiak Island - most recently serving as the Curator of Education at the Baranov Museum.  I also worked designing and fabricating museum exhibits and teaching traditional knowledge I learned from Alaska Native Elders to young people in village schools with the Alutiiq Museum.  My job also entailed working on numerous remote archaeological digs and surveys.  I loved this work and often found myself sketching and writing field notes along rivers in total awe of my life.  I feel similarly now as I look around my studio and recognize how fortunate I am to have a studio practice.


On the outside, I am a stereotypical eccentric artist with a pleasantly chaotic studio full of work in progress, sketches, and wonderful bits and pieces of inspiration.  On the inside, I am curious, quite nerdy and starving for substance.  I also love to laugh!


Why do I sculpt? I sculpt in an effort to recapture, time and time again, the joy that comes having given life to something that once had only been an idea.


My daily practice involves coffee, research, and art making.


My sculpting process is largely unplanned and often starts simply with decisions on material, size, and feel.  I frequently make my own modeling compounds and build my work layer by layer - carving and shaping along the way.


I like my forms to feel familiar and comfortable and I use a repetition or pattern of shapes across my work.  These forms may visually feel like ripples, leaves or rivulets of water, windy swooshes or circles.  My forms often cradle one another or are complete as a singular organic shape with a patterned flow.


I have a number of mediums beyond modeling compounds that I cycle through regularly.  I like to hand-carve wood sculptures, paint using acrylics, assemble found objects, felt fiber vessels, process fish skins, and bend wire.


I explore new techniques, research old ways of crafting and adorn objects used in daily life, and blend the old and new in contemporary pieces.

Name:  Jeff Ryan


Mixed Media Artist

Name:  Jorge Elizalde

Phone:  (209) 851-1290


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of the Pacific; Dean’s Honor Roll; Honorable Mention Art Festival; Artist of the Year; Des Beaux Arts D’Unet, Paris; Merit in the Northern California Arts Show; Sacramento Fine Art Center.


Jorge Elizalde has exhibited in Mexico, California, Paris and Miami.


to Come

Name:  Jun Jamosmos




Jun Jamosmos started to draw when he was five years old and painting became a hobby while growing up.

Jun is an accountant and a self-taught artist.  His primary medium on canvas is oil, but he also uses acrylics in tandem with it for his art workshops.  He is a resident of Stockton and is a regular member of the Elsie May

Goodwin Gallery (Stockton),  Art Expressions of San Joaquin, as well as the Agora Gallery in New York City.


Jun is painting full time now and continues to do art commission work:  including large mural projects.  Among his forte, Jun paints live on and off stage to the inspiration of music.  He has conducted art workshops for beginner

and advanced painters of all ages.


His works are in private collections in the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Name:       Karin Rannestad

Phone:      203-668-0210



Karin was born in the Norwegian section of Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge area. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Minor in Art Therapy from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven.


She worked for several years as a textile design artist for Cone Mills and Grace Dale Fabrics of New York.  She has also worked as a Therapeutic Recreation Director at Pomperaug Woods Health Center in Southbury. Karin has used her art to help people feel connected to life.  She is now retired and painting full time.


Karin’s artwork shows she is not afraid to use many different mediums and styles. She enjoys creating not only representational but, decorative and abstract art as well. Her paintings are created to enhance and interact with the surroundings. Karin’s painting will often include people, decorative themes, shapes and “lots of colors”. Often, she is asked if all the paintings are hers, because she paints in so many different styles. She also enjoys working in pencil because of the details and skills needed to create that kind of work.


According to Karin, she is always searching for ways to express her art and hopes her paintings will bring the joy of life to people’s homes.


Much of her work has been acquired by various private collectors.

Name:  Matthew Kenneth Blacconiere




Hello, my name is Matthew Kenneth Blacconiere and I'm a dedicated professional fine artist. In 2004 I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. In 2007 I started my own business, “Making Things Interesting”. Since moving to Stockton, California with my wife in December 2014, I have leapt head first into the art scene. During my career as an artist, I have created a wide-ranging series of murals, faux finishes, portraits,, T-shirts and many other creations as well as teaching art classes. In 2015, I joined forces with Art Expressions of San Joaquin and have collaborated on ideas and projects that have had exceptional and effective results. I continue to help others and persevere as a successful artist!

Name: Pam Raney





Pam Raney was born and raised in England.  Although art was always her favorite pastime, it wasn’t considered a career option. After leaving school, she joined the British Royal Air Force and trained as an electronics technician, serving for 6 years before moving to Mallorca, Spain, where she worked as a Marine electrical/electronic engineer for 2 years. After returning to England, she met her husband in a chatroom on the internet years before most

people had ever heard of chatting on the internet, and eventually moved to the US to be with him.


Although Pam left art behind to pursue a career in a technical field, art would never leave her. Art, for Pam, is an

itch that she just has to scratch. Over the years she dabbled in many artistic pursuits including watercolor painting, folk art painting, beading, art doll making, printmaking, mixed media explorations, fiber arts, polymer clay and assemblage, learning from books and the internet and trial and error.  It has, at times, been frustrating and even stressful, but she is now very grateful that she just couldn’t stay away.


She first began to immerse herself into art when her U. S. Army husband was posted to Pennsylvania and she started working at “Verve Vertu”, an arts apprenticeship studio for people with special needs. This is also where she started learning to paint in artist’s acrylic, studying with John Pacovsky; and began her studies in ceramic sculpture with Robert Bergstrasser.


After moving to California in 2011, Pam finally had the opportunity to attend college classes to study art, gaining perfect grades in drawing, painting, sculpture, figure drawing, figure painting, experimental drawing, illustration, digital art, digital photography and color and design.  She has been fortunate enough to study with wonderful artist/teachers including:  Jeff Soto, Robert Jew, Leslie A Brown, Shawn McKelvey and Ronald Houck. Pam is currently studying sculpture at San Joaquin Delta College.


Name:      Nancy Brooks




Nancy Brooks was born in San Francisco, but has lived in Stockton for most of her life. She has worked in downtown Stockton for over twenty years, and considers it her ‘home-away-from-home’. She is a First-Generation American with many cultural backgrounds, including ancestors from El Salvador, Lebanon, Nova Scotia, Canada, England, and Ireland - countries rich in folklore and legendary creatures.


With eighteen novels published, Nancy’s goal is to create interest in ancient legends from around the world. “Folklore and culture are fading with each generation, regardless of our ancestors’ native land. Whether our individual heritage originated in Latin America, Africa, Asia or the Middle East, we are losing the wonders of oral tradition. These are stories that may have once been real events, history with an entertaining twist, and we’re losing them. I want to bring these legends to life, in a modern setting, and awaken mainstream interest in them.” She is also dedicated to helping others record and publish their own stories.

Name:  Rochelle Tietze


Artist Statement:  I see art in everything wherever I go….

I describe myself as a person who has a great love for art. My images are full of information. I have completed many pieces which include plein air paintings, studio tours, and paintings in coffee shops and bookstores.  Being an avid artist I paint for pleasure.  What a person sees in my paintings is stunning vibrant colors, multi layers, dream like imagery that comes from my unusual background, known as an avant-garde artist.

 I have taught classes and given demonstrations.  I have won numerous placement awards including Best Mayors of Choice in the California Art League.  Numerous articles have been written in local newspapers, and magazines regarding myself and my paintings.

 Many of my paintings are still life or people, filled with fantastic plants, people and animals in brilliant colors. My paintings lure you out of this world into a dream world that reflects our world.

I’m largely a self- taught artist with 40 years of experience.  I’ve always had positive reactions to my paintings.  They stand out in a gallery or show.

Name:  Riri Nakasone



Born and raised in Japan, I received my art education in the United States.  My paintings are influenced by Japanese tradition such as calligraphy, austere beauty and elegant simplicity.  I also studied painting and printmaking;  relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy.   I like to develop my creative ideas using western techniques.



2008 - Exhibition as part of the Stockton Arts Awards Art show; 7th Annual Moonlight Sip & Stroll;

            Commissioned to paint original art work for Cocoro To Go restaurant.

2007 – 6th Annual Moonlight Sip & Stroll; Hospice of San Joaquin Lean On Me Art Show

2004 – Commissioned to paint original art work for Cocoro restaurant

1989 – Artist’s book of woodcut prints added to Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Name:  Saul Serna




Born of migrant parents in 1975 in San Jose, California, Saul Serna is an accomplished acrylic and mixed media artist currently living in Stockton, California.  Aside from being an artist, Saul currently works primarily from home

as a Linux Systems Engineer for a successful open source Silicon Valley tech company.


With no formal training or education in art, the majority of his experiences have been a result of both self-taught

and the appreciation of a select few well known artists.  There are three highly influential artists whose works he

has always admired and has found inspirational.  Saul’s biggest influences and personal favorite artists have been the works of famous political Mexican muralists:  David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena and Jose Clemente Orozco.  After a visit to Mexico City in 2006 to see all of their murals at the famous Castillo De Chapultepec and Bellas Arts, Saul was immediately inspired and motivated to get back into his artwork as soon

as he returned home.  Many of his pieces have been exhibited in the Bay Area and Central Valley and have won recognition.  A few of his pieces are currently on display at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport.  Other venues that have exhibited his work have been Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys, Lucas Winery in Lodi, the Kress Building in downtown Stockton, the Bob Hope/Fox Theater in Stockton and City Hall in Lathrop, California.


Saul has stated that if he had to describe his artistic style, he would have to say that he really doesn’t have one, “YET.”  According to Saul, it’s the only honest answer he can give to describe his work right now.  He stated he is

still in self-discovery mode and continues to see his work evolve.  In the meantime, he continues to create and

share his creativity.


to Come

Name:  Sue LaMarr Kramer



Born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in the countryside nearby, I have a long history of relatives with artistic talent.  My great grandfather was a professional artist.  From earliest memory, I have loved to draw and portray the beauty I saw all around.


As a child, I dreamed and longed for a career in art.  Sadly, my family discouraged this as a pursuit and I  was pushed toward a career in nursing,

in large part because of my family’s desire for me to earn a better living than they did.  I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in nursing which became my career but my passion was art.  I took as many art classes as I could squeeze in during my college years.  Later, I attended Maryhurst College

in Portland, Oregon to obtain a degree in fine arts.


Over the years, I spent many hours pursuing as many forms and mediums and techniques as possible and have taken enumerable classes.  As a result, I have learned to do china painting, acrylics, fabric painting, soft and hard sculpture, colored pencil, needlework, quilling, stenciling, zentangle and painting ceramics.  I love to develop new techniques and have experimented with digital art.


Now that my nursing career has come to an end, I am able to devote most of my time to my second career in art.  My focus and goal for the coming years is on painting and in particular the challenges of pastels.

Name:         Sydney Spurgeon, photographer


Facebook:   Sydney Spurgeon photography

Phone/text:  209-981-4080


I am a freshman at San Joaquin Delta College and excited to be enrolled in my first formal photography classes. I was gifted a camera at the age of 12 following a spinal fusion and quickly discovered photographing brought me much joy and my work in turn resonated in a positive way with others.


At St. Mary's High School, I was yearbook and newspaper photography editor, president of the photography club and photographer/blogger of Students of St. Mary's. I have spent many hours on the SM campus shooting most sporting games, school masses, special events/fundraisers, homecomings and any newsworthy pictures the school requested. Fortunately, I have had much success with many art competitions including 1st place 2015 District 9 Congressional Art Competition, Best of Show Art Expressions 2015 Annual High School Contest and most recently 1st and 2nd place Lodi Grape Festival Youth Division.


I very much look forward to pursuing a career in photography and I am leaning towards the field of fashion photography. As I continue to learn, grow, and collaborate with my peers and mentors I look forward to capturing the beauty that surrounds me from behind the lens of my camera.

Name:      Trey Steinhart




Trey Steinhart was born in 1957 and spent his childhood in Stockton, California. His family moved to the Hawaiian Islands in 1975, where he joined them to study art and photography at Kaua’i Community College. His subsequent travels through Alaska, Northern Europe, and South America extended his interest in capturing images of people and nature. He lived and worked on commercial king crab and fishing vessels in Alaska and Hawaii for ten years before returning to California in 1982. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Sciences degree in Agrarian Studies from the University of California at Davis, he returned to Stockton in 1985.

The artist states:

In my photography, I explore for unique opportunities to convey the emotion of a person, a place, or of a

moment-in-time. To always strive to simplify… and to evoke a bit of that essence of a scene, if my muse allows.

The key is to be subconsciously in the moment.

To be acquiescently connected to everything that is surrounding you… as so its been said:  to be One with it All.  Only when we open all our senses, and at the same time, letting go, to drop our guard so to speak, does the scene allow us to feel its spirit.  Then, and only then, we begin to learn to see structure in all the chaos.  I truly relish this excitement when searching, creating, and sharing an enchanted, unique, side of reality.  I live for these numinous moments, which only arise when you put yourself in a given situation, then, open your senses.

Currently living in Stockton with his wife, Becky and two sons, Kyle and Austin, Steinhart maintains his home studio, Sage Photography Studio, where he specializes in portraiture, architectural studies, landscape, and sports photography.


Name:  Wynn Derr


Phone: 209.298.0345


Wynn is a California native, spent her summers (since in a bassinet) camping at D.L. Bliss State Park on Lake                                                                             Tahoe’s west shore, and later visited Lake Tahoe frequently during the winter as an accomplished skier and former ski instructor, and during summers with her children near Tahoma.


Wynn began drawing and painting as a child, and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with honors degree in                                                                                       Architecture from U.C. Berkeley in 1981 where she was trained in pencil and pen and ink drawing.


As a California Registered Architect, LEED accredited, Wynn has spent the last 35 years rendering her architectural design projects in pencil, pen, Prismacolor, and watercolor, along with her other architectural duties,  Trained as a hand drafter, Wynn has transitioned to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and draws and renders digitally as well.


Wynn’s works include pencil drawings, oil pastels, watercolor paintings, and computer generated paintings.

Name:      Alberto Gutierrez




Born in Mexico, raised in Los Angeles, Beto is full-time teacher who uses the arts to charge his batteries by capturing the beauties of nature. Beto is a photographer and published author who dabbles with acrylic and oil paint. His passion for the arts began at the kitchen table where he first drew stick figures at the young age of five. The designated photographer at family events, Beto eventually developed an interest in photography. Shortly after completing his undergraduate studies, Beto began traveling the world and capturing its majestic beauty with disposable cameras before taking photography serious. Beto has traveled to 23 countries, within 3 continents, 23 Mexican states and 22 US states and is currently writing a book about his journey. Beto adamantly refuses to photograph weddings and 15añeras but will drop to a knee to photograph a flower.

Name:       Cheryl Rogers



"I am a Photographer.  I photograph what I see.  My inspiration is my mind and field of view."

Name:     Doug Ridgway



Phone:     (209) 617-7050


Growing up, I took snapshots with my old Kodak Brownie camera. In 1969 I bought my first real camera. I had a cousin that was stationed in Guam and was rotating home. Paul picked me up a Pentax Spotmatic 35mm camera, with a 50mm and a 135mm lens. I took various classes in photography over the years but the cost of film and developing reduced my picture taking and eventually my camera was put into the closet.


In 2003 I bought my first digital camera, a Canon G5. With this camera my interest and love of photography began to flourish again. When I retired in 2006, I decided that it was time to step up to a digital SLR camera, a Canon 30D.


Since then, I decided that to be the best photographer that I can, I needed to go back to the basics and I went to Delta College and took all of their film and digital classes. After I exhausted Delta’s photography classes, I took several digital classes at Consumes River College. Along with my college work, I have taken many workshops from professional photographers. I am also a member of the Stockton Camera Club and have learned much from them.


I am constantly striving to become a better photographer. Each photograph offers its own unique challenge, to be used as a learning opportunity. I have found that one of the secrets to better photography is not to listen to your friends and family but to get an unbiased critic and to learn what you did right and what you could have done to make it better.

Name:     George W. Adair




George has been photographing in and around the California Sierras and Coast for 50 years.

He made his first large format negative in the U.S. Army in 1965.

He spent 19 years working in camera stores in various capacities; paying his way through college.


In 1986, he began teaching photography at Franklin High School in Stockton, CA. He continued his teaching career at Edison High School; also teaching Business Education and Mathematics.


His favorite subjects are landscape and nature.  Photographically, he has done just about everything: photo assistant to a commercial photographer, weddings, senior portraits, studio work and still life.


All work of his work was darkroom generated until 2012, when the switch to digital was made.

Name:   James Binder III



James Binder III began painting in 2012. He has a style influenced by the likes of Jean Michael Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali. As a self-taught acrylic artist James attempts to merge pop art with

a rugged weathered modern look; as well as bringing classic comics with modern anime all in one. He also tries to bring bright color and life into everything he produces. With an ever evolving look on life his art is sure to evolve accordingly. James currently resides in Stockton, Ca with his Fiancé and puppy!

Name:  Mary Ann Poletti



Mary Ann Poletti is predominantly a portrait painter of people and pets. Her two main media are oils and pastels. Her style is realism, but she likes to paint "ethereal, fun pictures" in acrylics.

Mary Ann began her art studies with Miss Minnie Jones in Beaumont, Texas. She attended the University of Texas, Austin, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Art. She continued studying art at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, receiving credits through Colorado College. Her principle teacher in portraiture was Royden Marten. She takes ongoing workshops from Bob Gerbracht.

After a layoff of fifteen years and five children, Mary Ann took up her art tools, painting and drawing neighborhood children. A demand for portraits of dogs, cats and horses broadened her field.

She has exhibited in the Texas Jefferson County Fair, Tulare County Fair, Haggin Museum, and Unitarian Shows in Stockton. Her works hang in universities in Texas, the Senate building in Washington, D.C., and homes throughout Texas, California, and Hawaii.

Mary Ann is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists, the Portrait Institute, the Stockton Art League and Art Expressions of San Joaquin.


to Come

Name:     Robert Austin




From my earliest memories I was drawn to art.  I recall, at the age of 5 or 6, sitting at our living room coffee table and trying to draw Cowboys, Indians and Battleships while everyone else was outside playing.  I think my father got me started because I watched him drawing ships during sermons at church.  Years passed and I got caught up in the business of living.  I obtained an undergraduate in biology with a minor in chemistry.  Sometime after that, I earned a juris doctorate degree.

       With that background, I have had several very different careers. From wholesale industrial chemical purchasing agent to criminal defense lawyer and many career stops in between including truck driver, property manager, labor union organizer and on and on.  In between every career change, I would briefly return to art, if for no other reason than to catch my breath.

       My life experience has taught me that we live in an adversarial world.  Labor versus management, democrat versus republican, capitalist versus socialist, haves versus have-nots.  As a lawyer, I was trained to be an advocate for whichever side signed my paycheck.  I have witnessed the chaotic emotions attached to all of these adversarial conflicts and I accept conflict as an unavoidable part of life.

       But I also believe we can get so caught up in the attendant drama that we overlook the incredible beauty that exists all around us.  I think that art (all art) helps us refocus on what a truly beautiful experience just being alive is.  I have spent many years focusing on the not so beautiful aspects of human existence.  Pretty much nothing ends up in a courtroom unless it has sunk to a state of total dysfunction.  I choose now to capture the beauty of human existence in my art and share it with people.  It lifts my spirit to create something that someone loves and I hope it lifts their spirit as well.

Name:        Sally Edmonds




As a proud fifth generation Californian and happily retired educator, I love landscapes that harken back to a time when California was mostly open valleys and windswept coastal ridges such as William Rice’s woodcuts of Monterey cypresses and my beloved redwoods and Raoul Mora’s valley scenes.


A jack of all trades, I have dabbled in artful pursuits my entire life:  paper crafts, bookbinding, knitting, sewing, crewel embroidery, stained glass (windows, lamps and terrariums), loom weaving (Swedish countermarche and Gilmore jack loom styles), tapestry weaving (under the tutelage of Jean Pierre Larochette at the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop and later workshops in Big Sur), calligraphy (Los Gatos and Campbell, CA classes as well as courses at Delta College under Jim Lewis), Art, Design and Sculpture classes (with Rowland Cheney at Delta College), quilting, basket weaving (bamboo, pine needle, reed and seaweed), photography, pique assiette (with Gayle Ortiz in Aptos, CA), landscape design, herbalist, veteran DIYer…


I have haunted museums and art galleries around the world, and find myself most often drawn to and influenced by bright colors in artwork, especially if it can be difficult to achieve.  My current influencers are Clarice Cliff, Maxfield Parrish, William Rice and Agnes Martin.  Clarice Cliff brought bright colors to ceramics along with her simple but charming deco shapes   I enjoy using her bright designs reinterpreted in vibrant and luminous alcohol inks.  The challenge of using this medium is a delight but trying to contain it can often be frustrating; yet creating its own signature appearance.   Maxfield Parrish’s luminous skies, achieved through glazes, are a wonderment of incandescence.  Most recently, I have found great inspiration in Agnes Martin’s geometrical designs.  I have found that art can often be interpreted and presented on a mathematical level, which intrigues me.  I am often using math as a means for expressing an idea through geometry, statistics and color.


I buy art because it inspires me and tells a story I want to be surrounded by.  I make art to tell my own story; hoping that I can give the observer a glimpse of my own joy, heartaches and occasional disquieted spirit.


Name:        Tanya Moreno – Loki Rhythm





    Loki Rhythm is a musical group that incorporates sounds from around the world. We are comprised of central valley musicians who appreciate the diversity of California.  Our goal is to design music which includes the deep cultural history found in our own local communities.  Our musical arrangements have evolved into unique compositions influenced by Hawaiian, West African, Caribbean, Zydeco, Latin Jazz, Asian and Persian cultures. Our philosophy is that music should be fun, thoughtful and celebrate multiculturalism.  We love to have the audience participate and be involved in the music.  Our own originals include Brazilian Treetop, Alien Blues, Butano Groove, and more.


Loki Rhythm attempts to gravitate towards people who are willing to celebrate, enjoy and experiment with rhythm and melodies.  Listening to Loki Rhythm will bring on good will and positive fun within a unique auditory experience.  Our music is designed to break the mold of contemporary though and merge different cultural sounds, instruments and rhythms.