The San Joaquin Valley is abundant in creative and artistic individuals expressing themselves through various forms of art. These artists are experts in their field and masters of their craft, making them an asset and treasure to our community. They have inspired what is now Art Expressions of San Joaquin. Each artist is as unique and diverse as the individuals that comprise the San Joaquin Valley and its communities.  Our mission and primary objective is to promote and showcase the works of these dedicated and talented artists with the rest of the San Joaquin Valley. Artwork will be displayed in the County Administration Building and will also serve as the venue to hold community events. The purpose of this co-operative will reflect the rich cultural fabric of our community.


Art Expressions of San Joaquin was born from the Tidewater Gallery in downtown Stockton. Executive Director, Arturo Vera's idea was to continue supporting local artists even though we no longer had a store front downtown. Arturo's strong fight with Parkinson's Disease makes this a bigger challenge as we move from location to location. We thank the County, the Hilton, and the Airport for supplying us with 3 permanent places to hang art, but we are still in search of a place to call our own, to "sell" art.


We appreciate any support you might be able to provide, such as donations,

sponsoring an event, buying art, board members, or attending events.


Artist's are welcome to submit their artwork via email to

for review. A yearly membership fee is required and sales are subject to a commission depending on locations.



Board of Directors


Roberto Aguilar

Alex Bianchi

Gerardo Espinosa

Thelma Ivy

Manuel Lopez

Arturo Sanchez

Ana Vera - Board President

Marie Williams




Ana Vera – Student Art Shows




Mariela Bianchi

Nancy Buckenham

Sally King Edmonds

Charles Hughes

Jesse Hendricks

Joanne Paine

Russel Relf

Ava Simpson

Sebastian Vera




Art Expressions is always looking for Volunteers!




Art Expressions of San Joaquin Gallery

Miracle Mile - 2318 Pacific Ave

Stockton, California 95204

Tuesday through Saturday 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM or by appointment


San Joaquin County Administration Building

44 N. San Joaquin Street

Stockton, California 95202

Monday through Friday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Closed Weekends


Hilton Hotel

2323 Grand Canal Blvd., Stockton


Stockton Metropolitan Airport

5000 S. Airport Way, Stockton

Open Daily



3499 Brookside Road, Stockton

Art on Display - Restaurant Hours Only


San Joaquin Rapid Transit District Building

Art on Display - Business Hours Only



Arturo Vera – Executive Director

Sally Edmonds – Secretary

Alex Bianchi – Treasurer

Riley Walters – Accountant


CAB Liaison


Michelle Relf


Honorary Supporters


Nishka Yudnich

Andrew San

Tracy Miller